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Zoo Photo Tips 

I’m focused on making sure you get the very best photos when visiting the zoo.  No matter the camera you have or the skill you started with, we are going to make you happy with the images you bring home.


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Visiting Zoos and taking photographs

Rainy days

Most people don’t go to zoos on rainy days.  That makes it the perfect time for photography of the indoor exhibits.   It allowed me to setup a tripod in front of the snake exhibits and shoot without interruption.

Reduce reflections

Reflections in glass will ruin our images.   We will talk about a number of ways to reduce the reflections from positions of the camera, special lens hoods and simply wearing black shirts to keep our own reflections to a minimum.

fill the image frame

Get close or crop your images to have the subject fill the frame.   By filling the image frame with the subject we reduce the amount of the animal’s enclosure that is visible.   Our images are engaging with details of the animal and not unnecessary distractions in the final image.